Don Sabas

Don Sabas

film-roll Mexico / Color / 17' / 2012

Don Sabás: is the story of a lonely old man waiting for his days to come to an end. Suddenly his routine changes when he is left to care for a young boy.

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Juan Manuel Zúñiga

Mexico, 1984. A graduate of the Bachelor of Social Psychology, currently in his third year of the general course of film studies at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. He worked as Associate Producer on the Francisco Vargas’ film The Violin in 2006.

Juan Manuel Zúñiga
Juan Manuel Zúñiga
Carlos Correa R.
Juan Manuel Zúñiga
Emilio Acosta
Rodrigo Carrillo
Sound Design
Federico Zuvire
Film Cast
Sabás González
Gustavo Mejía
Juan Manuel Santana
Myriam Bravo
Mariana Ochoa
Juan Pablo Polo
Juan Manuel Zúñiga
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