Edeltraud and Theodor

Edeltraud und Theodor

film-roll Germany / Color / 8' / 2011

Life on the farm of the Knoll family is not easy for the sheep Edeltraud. Their son Theodor is a true rascal! He loves playing tricks on everybody. One night Edeltraud gets kidnapped into the dark forest by a thief, fearing for her life. Eventually Theodor shows up trying to free Edeltraud.

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Daniel Acht

Born 1968 in Boppard, studied film studies, theatre studies, and German philology in Mainz. From 1993 to 1996, Acht took part in several theatre and film directing workshops. He then worked as an assistant director for several short and advertising films. Acht won the 2004 Murnau short film award for his short film Dark Ages (2003, co-directed by Ali Eckert) and the Flensburg short film award. In 2007, Acht finished his debut feature film, the low-budget comedy Video Kings (again co-directed by Ali Eckert).

Daniel Acht
Daniel Acht
Ina Wermer
Daniela Knapp
Philipp Thomas
Sound Design
Palja Schrader
Paul Paulun
Markus Glunz
Film Cast
Pavel Wenzel
Tom Jahn
Thomas Wehling
Julia Brendler
Sebastian Wehner
Christopher Zitterbart
Daniel Acht
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Video Kings (2007)
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