Eskil and Trinidad

Eskil och Trinidad

film-roll Sweden / Color / 98' / 2013

Eskil moves from town to town with his father in northern Sweden. He misses his mother and sucks at playing ice hockey, the main activity among the boys his age. Things change when he meets Trinidad, a mysterious woman who lives outside society spending her time building a great ship.

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Stephan Apelgren

Stephan Apelgren is the jazz bass player who ended up at Dramatiska institutets audio program. His breakthrough came in 1991 with the TV christmas special Sune's Christmas, which was later followed by the immensely popular children’s film Sune's Summer.  Since then Apelgren has directed several TV series and features.

Stephan Apelgren
Stephan Apelgren
Anders Bohman
Håkan Karlsson
Joachim Holbek
Sound Design
Kenneth Skoglund
Film Cast
Ann Petrén
Linus Oscarsson
Saga Midfjäll
Torkel Petersson
Iben Hjejle
Peter Possne
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Sunes jul (2008)
Feature Fiction FilmIn Competition