Falling planes

Los aviones que se caen

film-roll Cuba, Italy / Color / 12' / 2012

In the outskirts of Havana, Hugo dreams of baseball. One rainy afternoon he’ll become a champion.

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Mario Piredda

Mario Piredda was born in Sassari, Sardinia in 1980. In 1999 he moves to Bologna where he works as a free-lance director and video editor and then graduates from the University of Bologna at the department of film studies. In 2005 he wins the “Avisa” contest and shoots his first short film “Il Suono della Miniera”. He has worked and contributed in the realization of many short films, documentaries and tv programs. He is currently a member of “Elenfant Film”, an independent production company in Bologna, which produced his last short film “I Am Here” in 2010, winner of the “Stories of Sardinian Emigrates” contest, selected for “David di Donatello” in 2011, for Cinemed of Montpellier, for CurtaCinema of Rio De Janeiro and winner of many festivals.

Mario Piredda
Walter Cavatoi
Marcello Dapporto
Mario Piredda
Marcello Dapporto
Corrado Iuvara
Walter Cavatoi
Sound Design
Flavia Ripa
Film Cast
Hugo Javier Muñoz Llopiz
Ramòn Sardiña Llopiz
Io sonno qui (2010)
Il suono della miniera (2005)
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