Far From You I Grew

Far From You I Grew / Loin de Vous J'ai Grandi

film-roll France / Color / 103' / 2020 13+

For a long time, Nicolas has been managing alone. He is now 13, loves the story of Ulysses,Jack London, and lives in a foster home in the Bruche valley with his friend Saef from far across the sea. Together, they go into the woods to listen to their music, to talk about girls and mopeds. Or to run away. From time to time, Nicolas sees his mother and his family for a trip to the fairground, a soda or a christening. But he will soon turn 15 and the future approaches.

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Marie Dumora

She shoots her films in Eastern France and, as a result, has created her own cinematic territory. The character of one film leads her to the next like a guiding thread, meaning that we occasionally find them again several years later from one film to the next. Her films have been screened and won awards in numerous festivals: the Berlinale (opening film at the Panorama), Cannes (ACID programme), Sao Paolo International Film Festival, the Viennale, Indie Lisboa, IDFA, Pune (India), Doxa Vancouver, Entrevues Belfort, Amiens, Le Festival du réel, FID Marseille, Lussas.

Marie Dumora
Marie Dumora
Marie Dumora
Catherine Gouze
Sound Design
Aline Hubert
Xavier Griette
Justin Taurand
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