First step

First step / Prvi korak

film-roll Croatia / Color / 10' / 2019

There is a small creature, Plupko, living in a large tree in a forest. Plupko dreams about adventure in the big world, but he has never left his tree. One day, Plupko decides for the first time to get to the ground, but it seems more difficult than he expected. His own shadow has thrown him to the ground, the spirit of his own fear has appeared and chase him back to the tree.

2 Dec - 18:00 / Απόλλων
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Petra Kožar

She was born on May 20, 1988 in Rijeka. She has participated in several student exhibitions and collaborated with Teatro Rubikon. In 2013, she graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka with the thesis "Drawing in animation". She is engaged in children's illustration, she participates in the maintenance of workshops and regularly cooperates with the children's list "White bees". In the last year and a half she has been employed as a video game designer in Zagreb.

Petra Kožar
Petra Kožar
Petra Kožar
Petra Kožar
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