Good Girl

Good Girl / Kiltti tyttö

film-roll Estonia, Finland, Italy, Portugal / Color / 12' / 2019

After being awarded for being a good girl, a naive little girl learns what it really means to be one.

6 Dec - 18:00 / Απόλλων
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Merja Maijanen

She got her Bacherol Degree in Media in 2003. After graduating she worked in film festivals, film centres and started a company with her mother; a cinema with a movie themed cafe. After five years they quit the company and Merja started studying again. She has two Master's Degrees; MA in Screenwriting from Salford University and MA in Directing from KinoEyes European Movie Masters' program. Currently Merja is working in a Finnish production company and writing her first feature film.

Merja Maijanen
Merja Maijanen
Vishal Vittal
Madlen Sieghartsleitner
Joao Lourenço
Sound Design
Joao Lourenço
Film Cast
Dana Faarinen
Annastiina Gylling
Jyrki Tammi
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