Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

film-roll Hungary, Irak, United Kingdom / Color / 8' / 2013

On the anniversary of: “Black Wednesday” and his 5th birthday a young boy is taken to visit his father’s grave. Distracted by his toy car the little boy wanders off and becomes lost in the labyrinth of graves where he meets an unconventional new friend who will mysteriously lead him back to his mother.

Mohanad Hayal

Has a BA in film, graduating from the University of Baghdad College of Fine Arts. Mohanad worked as an assistant director on several films in Iraq from 2003. He has worked for Human Film, Iraq's Rafidain Company and the Iraqi independent film Center. Mohanad is now living in the USA.

Mohanad Hayal
Mohanad Hayal Al Taey
Yaers Kream
Muther Anem
Maha Bazzy
Sound Design
Muther Anem
Film Cast
Samir Mohamed
Azhar Ali
Atia Al-daradji
Human Film
Iraq Al Rafidain
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