HarbourBoyz / Heijplaters

film-roll Netherlands / Color / 16' / 2018

Max, Emre, Yash, David and Hilson. Five friends from school, all born in the Netherlands, but each with different origins; Turkish, Surinamese, Syrian, Chinese and Dutch. For the close-knit group of friends, these differences do not matter, their daily environment is the same. They live at a working-class district hidden in the immense port area of Rotterdam, literally between the sea containers and the huge ships. Here they spend all their free time. There is not much to do and this makes their friendship extra important.

5 Dec - 18:00 / Cine Cinema
director image

Mirjam Marks

After her studies Theatre Studies, she started working at VPRO Youth Television (Dutch Public Television Channel). Through her experience in research and production, Mirjam became specialized in content creation for youth documentaries and series. Through a television program, she visited Suriname and immediately fell in love with the country. She moved there with her family and stayed for six years. In Suriname she made several documentaries for Dutch television ,she initiated several workshops for kids and she also founded and became Creative Director of the children’s museum Villa Zapakara, which recently celebrated its 8th birthday. When she moved back to the Netherlands she continued her work as a documentary maker and since 2014 she joined Cinekid media festival as Head of Television.

Mirjam Marks
Jurgen Lisse
Sander Cijsouw
Sound Design
Ranko Paukovic
Nienke Korthof
Willem Baptist
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