Hedgehog Spikiney

Hedgehog Spikiney / Jež Bodljikavko

film-roll Croatia / Color / 7' / 2020 6+

Spikiney is a hardworking and altruistic hedgehog who runs a soup kitchen for the needy community. The food disappears one winter night, endangering their existence. Spikiney’s friends bravely join him on the quest to find the stolen food. They suspect a monster is the thief. The trail takes them to the ominous cave, where they need to bravely confront the monster.

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Tihoni Brčić

He was born in Croatia in 1971. He earned doctoral degree in graphic arts from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia in 2016, and M.F.A. degree from Academy of Art College in San Francisco, USA in 1998. He works on documentaries, animated shorts, motion pictures, exhibition videos and television shows as a title designer, art director, director and editor. His works were awarded and exhibited in the country and abroad.

Tihoni Brčić
Tihoni Brčić
Tihoni Brčić
Tomislav Gregl
Lana Horvatić
Sound Design
Lana Horvatić
Vinko Brešan
No Dialogue
Two Pink Lines (2016)
Animation Short Film