Hello Ahma

Hello Ahma

film-roll Singapore, USA / Color / 16' / 2019 6+

Michelle can’t attend her beloved grandma’s funeral. All she has to say goodbye from a distance is a framed photo on the wall, with incense sticks and a bowl of grandma’s favorite chocolate under it. The 8-year-old girl carefully observes the way her parents deal with their grief. The way they pause to remember and carry on with their lives. Michelle tries to find her own way of coping. Could it be that her grandma has been reborn?

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Siyou Tan

Siyou is a Singaporean filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Her most recent short film, Hello Ahma, participated in competition at the Toronto International Film Festival and Berlinale. She is an alumna of the AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, the Asian Film Academy, and a current fellow at the Universal Directors Initiative. She is working on her first feature, Amoeba, which is in development at SEAFIC, and was awarded the Most Promising Project at the Southeast Asian Film Lab. She is a film graduate of Wesleyan University.

Siyou Tan
Siyou Tan
Arlene Muller
Benjamin Tolentino
Film Cast
Sofie Yang
Dawn Ying Yuen
Peter Boon Koh
Wu Mama
Samantha Lee
Shincy Lu
Paul Fishback
Chinese, English, Taiwanese
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