Hug Me. Big and Small

Hug Me. Big and Small

film-roll Poland / Color / 6' / 2020 3+

While learning how to become a strong and a big bear Teddy discovers and appreciates the benefits of being small.

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Tomek Miazga

Having experience with a variety of media, he is not a typical director. He graduated from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology with a bachelor's degree in animation. He started his career as an illustrator, then went through all the steps in digital agencies only to leave this branch as a Head of Creatives. Even though he worked in advertising, in his spare time he has been perfecting his skills as a cartoonist. That led him to from being a freelance 2D animator, to an Art Director/ Director at Studio Pigeon -the job that let him further expand his skillset.

Tomek Miazga
Jacek Rembis
Blazej Pieczonka
Lukasz Targosz
Sound Design
Studio Spot
Film Cast
Roman Picheta
Grzegorz Waclawek
Animation Short Film