Human OAK

Human OAK

film-roll India, Italy / Color / 15' / 2020 9+

Inspired by the famous “Ode to the West Wind”, written by Percy Bysshe Shelley and published in 1820 by Charles Ollier in London, “Human O.A.K.” is the story of a new type of humanity. The story of a child who, in the time of a sunset, becomes a girl, forced to quickly leave behind the life she had, before everything changed, the memory of her mother with whom she used to play and their poems that now sound like an omen. In an abstract, melancholic present, drenched in nature, this little girl continues her journey until she reaches a large oak tree.

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Ulisse Lendaro

He is an Italian producer and director, born in Vicenza and living in Rome. After being awarded as an actor with a special mention from the theater critics at Premio Hystrio in 2004 and after his acting performances in many theater productions, he produces and is cast as lead actor in the horror "Medley – Brandelli di scuola", by Gionata Zarantonello, a cult movie in the US. In 2017 he directs the movie "Imperfect Age", that premieres at the Festival del Cinema di Roma with great success with the public and the critics.

Ulisse Lendaro
Ulisse Lendaro
Ulisse Lendaro
Alessandra Carchedi
Nicola Tescari
Sound Design
Nicola Tescari
Film Cast
Anna Valle
Leonardo Lendaro
Ginevra Lendaro
Jitendra Mishra
Ulissa Lendaro
Imperfect Age (2017)
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