I Spy with my Little Eye

Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehts

film-roll Germany / Color / 10' / 2012

The imaginative Mia convinces the timid Ingo to play ‘I spy with my little eye’ in the kitchen. More and more the game dissolves the kitchens reality and melts it into a wild sea adventure- animationmixture.

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Alexandra Nebel

Alexandra Nebel has a diploma in applied science and arts. Since 2004, she works as a freelance artist, director, writer and producer for music videos and image films. 2009 she founded the production company FLUSSAUFWÄRTS FILM with Anna Raettig. Feature films and documentaries with challenging and social topics and international co-productions are their main focus. Right now Alexandra is in preproduction for a long children feature, which she wrote. Also a children book based on the shortfilm I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE is going to be published.

Alexandra Nebel
Alexandra Nebel
Anna Raettig
Kevin Steiner
Film Cast
Kira Donner
Ueli Saluz
Nike Fuhrmann
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