Inga Can Hear

Inga Can Hear / Inga Dzird

film-roll Estonia, Latvia / Color / 60' / 2018

16-year old Inga is the only hearing member of a deaf family living in the remote Latvian countryside. Since the age of 7, Inga has been the family’s interpreter in the hearing world. Inga dreams of escaping this role and, after graduation from her rural elementary school, decides to leave her home to attend high school in the nearby city. But she runs into conflict with her classmates and her family starts falling apart. Inga’s dreams seem to have failed. Then, one day, the outside world learns that Inga is actually Edward.

6 Dec - 20:00 / Cine Cinema
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Kaspars Goba

He is a documentary film director and photographer. Has an education in biology, medicine and communications. Since 1996 he has worked as a director, script writer and cinematographer on more than 20 documentaries focusing on social and environmental issues.

Kaspars Goba
Kaspars Goba
Kaspars Goba
Lelde Goba
Maris Maskalans
Andris Grants
Peteris Pass
Sound Design
Markko Tidumaa
Film Cast
Inga Cvetkova
Ieva Goba
Kaspars Goba
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