Kabul, city in the wind

Kabul, city in the wind

film-roll Afghanistan, Germany, Japan, Netherlands / Color / 88' / 2018

A city is an orchestration of its inhabitants. The film portraits the city Kabul through daily details of two kids and a bus driver, set against the background of a city destroyed by politic and religious powers.

4 Dec - 20:00 / Cine Cinema
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Aboozar Amini

He was born in Afghanistan and moved to the Netherlands at a young age. He had his BA at Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. His graduation film "KabulTehranKabul" (2010) won the prestigious Wildcard award of Dutch Film Fund. He did his MA in directing and aesthetic language of cinema at London Film School. His graduate film at LFS, "Angelus Novus" (2015), inspired by the drawing of Paul Klee but in a today life context, premiered at IFFR and won various awards worldwide. His latest short fiction film "Best Day Ever" opened La Quinzaine at Cannes International Film Festival 2018.

Aboozar Amini
Aboozar Amini
Aboozar Amini
Barbara Hin
Sound Design
Shahrokh Bikaran
Jia Zhao
Best Day Ever (2018)
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