Karla and Jonas

Karla and Jonas

film-roll Denmark / Color / 85' / 2010

Karla is in love with Jonas, but doesn’t dare to contact him. Her best friend pushes Karla to call him, which results in an invitation to visit him at the orphanage he lives in. Life is hard when there is no family at all, and Karla, who is crazy about Jonas, tries to comfort him by suggesting looking for his biological mom. They take matters into own hands, and steal Jonas’ birth certificate from the principal’s drawer. With no money to pay the ticket they jump the train headed for the city where Jonas was born. They cross a grumpy taxi driver, a dubious gang of homeless people, and some strange ladies who share their name with Jonas’ mother.
The mission seems hopeless, but they may have hit the mark, when they find a beautiful blond hairdresser.

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Charlotte Sachs Bostrup

Born 1963, Denmark. Trained as an actor under the supervision of Galina Brenaa 1983-87, and afterwards performed for radio, television and film. Graduated in scriptwriting at the National Film School of Denmark, 1995. Bostrup’s feature film debut “Anja & Viktor” (2001), as well as the sequel “Anja After Viktor” (2003), were hits at the domestic boxoffice. Her fourth feature film “Lost Generation” (2004), based on a bestselling Danish novel from the seventies, is a period drama about the decline of a family during the period 1954-74. Helmed three adaptations of Renée Toft Simonsen’s bestselling “Karla” stories, “Karla's World” (2007) and “Karla and Katrine” (2009) and “Karla & Jonas” (2010).

Charlotte Sachs Bostrup
Iben Gylling
Henrik Kristensen
Anders Villadsen
Jeppe Kaas
Sound Design
Henrik Garnov
Film Cast
Elena Arndt-Jensen
Nanna Finding Koppel
Joshua Marc Berman
Ellen Hillingso
Nicolaj Kopernikus
Nikolaj Stovring Hansen
Thomas Heinesen
Karla and Katrine (2009)
Karla's World (2007)
Girls' Talk (2005)
Lost Generation (2004)
Cinder Rock'n Rella (2003)
Anja after Viktor (2003)
Anja & Viktor (2001)
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