Katerina And The Magic Experience

Katerina and the Magic Experience

film-roll Italy / Color / 25' / 2012

Katherine lives in a little house in the heart of the ancient Cansiglio forest. Her mother has often told her about woods’ creatures, tiny little men that are not evil but good and generous with those who respect and conserve the natural wonders. Katherine makes her way towards the “Kingdom of the Trees”, an enchanted place where nature has kept all its mystery and unspoilt beauty. A fairy realm where reality and fantasy exist together and… anything can happen.

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Loris Mora

Born in Treviso, in 1960. He is a writer and director of films and nature documentaries and has worked in film and television production for over thirty years. He has collaborated with great directors like William Wyler, Pasquale Festa Campanile, etc., he has co-authored television productions with Guido Piovene. He was also the director of photography of the famous documentary Folco Quilici.

Loris Mora
Loris Mora
Debora Bettiol
Toio de Savorgnani
Loris Mora
Omer Sacic
Film Cast
Caterina Camarotto
Mauro Cutrona
Gloria Livotto
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