Land of Glass

Landet af Glas

film-roll Denmark / Color / 88' / 2017

13 year old Jas lives on a farm with his father, a long distance trucker who is often away. One weekend while Jas is home alone, Jas finds a girl and an old lady hiding in the barn. Their hair is wild, their clothes are strange and they say they come from the forest. They quickly become friendship and Jas soon discovers that they are not human at all, but rather elves on the run from sinister forces. Suddenly, he finds himself mixed up in a race through the forest to save his new friends.

director image

Jeppe Vig Find

Marie Rønn

Long time creative Tv-host, actor, screenwriter, producer and director duo. Started their career at the Danish public broadcasting Corporation (DR), where they became a household name as writers/show runners and hosts for the kids show Lille Nørd (Little Nerd). With the exception of a few projects (Jeppe scripted, directed and hosted 25 episodes of Fandago Film while Marie was show runner for DR’s puppetry fiction The Royal Spectacle, as well as a few short films and music videos), the duo worked closely together on several of their own tv series for kids (such as fiction series Prut og Pølle (TV2) and Wild Friends(DR)). They also developed and acted as Managing Editors for TV2’s kids brand, Bavian.

Jeppe Vig Find
Marie Rønn
Jeppe Vig Find
Marie Rønn
Sine Brooker
Lars Wissing
Jonas Struck
Sound Design
Peter Schultz
Film Cast
Albert Rudbeck Lindhart
Flora Ofelia Hoffmann Lindahl
Arien Takiar
Egil Dennerline
Jeppe Vig Find
Marie Rønn
Feature Fiction FilmIn Competition