Listen Papa!

Listen Papa!

film-roll France, Germany, Russia / Color / 13' / 2019

Here’s a letter of a boy’s hate and love for his father telling all that had once been kept unspoken.

3 Dec - 20:15 / Απόλλων
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Olga Poliektova

Tatiana Poliektova

They are twin sisters and were born in St - Petersburg, Rus sia. After graduating Art school and University of Cinema and Television in animation and computer graphic, they started to work together as film director duo and animators. During these years they made several short animation films which took part over th en in 300 worldwide festivals and earned over 60 awards. Their last film “My Grandfather was a cherry tree” was Oscar nominated and was selected to Long list as best short animation film.

Olga Poliektova
Tatiana Poliektova
Irakly Kvirikadze
Olga Poliektova
Tatiana Poliektova
Serge Kupriyanov
Olga and Tatiana Poliektova
Olga and Tatiana Po liektova
Jack Martini
Sound Design
Denis Davydov
Film Cast
Gleb Kallistov
Anastasia Pavlovich
Fabienne Giezendanner
Lilia Schneider
My grandfather was a cherry tree (2015)
Cinema dehors (2015)
Warm Liguria (2014)
Quagga (2013)
Noise (2012)
Tomato story (2010)
Animation Short Film