Little children, big words

Little Children, Big Words

film-roll Sweden / Color / 12' / 2010

When it’s Alex’s turn to tell his seven year old class mates what he wants to be when he grows up an uncomfortable discussion begins about the meaning of an unknown but loaded word. The teacher’s explanation reveals her own story – a story of victim and offender.

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Lisa James Larsson

Born in Potsdam, brought up in London. She moved to Stockholm 2005 to study film directing at Dramatiska Institutet. Lisa studied film & TV at Brunel University in London before working for 5 years as a camera operator/editor and also teaching screen acting. In 2009 she completed her Masters at Dramatiska Institutet in screenwriting.

Lisa James Larsson
Lisa James Larsson
Frida Wendel
Roberth Nordh
Sound Design
Kim Creutzer
Sarah Jansson Patient
Film Cast
Cecilia Milocco
Axel Andersson
Polly Kisch
William Backman
Cassandra Berneron
Joline Johansson
Zakarias Khadouj
Elmer Larsson
Denise Moncayo-Warles
Aline Palmstierna
Ella Sjoberg
Michael Steele
Lea Stojanov
Vilda Svardendahl
Emil Verkland
Ella Widman
Andreas Emanuelsson
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