film-roll United Kingdom / Color / 8' / 2012

Discarded from a factory production line, a toy cat and dog are determined to rejoin their fellow toys on the store shelf, forcing them to work together as they make a hazardous journey through the big city.

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Joel Simon

Joel Simon studied fine art at the Royal Academy in Liege, Belgium, and graphic design in England. He developed his first film Ciderpunks in 1997 and has gone on to direct numerous animated TV commercials. Joel's short film, the Mumbai-shot Horn OK Please, has been screened in over 110 film festivals and won sixteen international awards to date.

Joel Simon
Ciaran Morrison
Mick O'Hara
Joel Simon
Jon Caldwell
Jennifer McNeill
Johnny Schumann
Andrew Reid
Andrew Simon McAllister
Sound Design
Andrew Simon McAllister
Animation Short FilmIn Competition