Marysia’ s world

Marysia’ s world

film-roll Poland / Color / 20' / 2017

The film is an intimate documentary about the hardships of coming into adulthood which is told from the older sister’s perspective. Marysia is 20 years old and she doesn’t clearly know what to do with her life – she is standing at the door of the adulthood while still being a child. She does not leave anywhere without her smartphone and her relationship with mother is quite strained. Emotions are buzzing and their life is made of constant battles.

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Katarzyna Ewa Żak

Born in 1988. She graduaded from the Faculty of Philosphy and Sociology at Warsaw University where she got her master's degree in Philosophy. She also studied Image Realisation at the Faculty of Radio and Television at Silesian University. She has worked in many film projects - not only documentary but she also short films, advertisements, music videos and student films. She is also a photojournalist.

Katarzyna Ewa Żak
Katarzyna Ewa Żak
Katarzyna Ewa Żak
Elwira Nowicka
Bartłomiej Szymborski
Bartosz Putkiewicz
Andrzej Kowalczyk
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