Masala Mama

film-roll Singapore / Color / 9' / 2010

Masala Mama is a film about finding allies and heroes in the most unlikely people. The young son of a struggling ‘rag-and-bone’ man must help his father support their family, though much to his father’s chagrin, the boy is constantly distracted by daydreams of drawing comic book superheroes. Driven by his aspirations, he steals a comic from the gentle owner of a small Indian grocery store (colloquially called a “mama-shop”), setting in motion a series of confrontations between his father – a man hardened by pursuit of earning a living, and the storeowner – a man open to the pursuit of a dream.

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Michael Kam

Michael Kam graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Film Production from the School of Film & Media Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore). Since his graduation, Michael directed four short films, including “Tau Gay Not Enough”, which premiered on national television during the Prime Minister’s 2005 National Day Rally Speech.

Michael Kam
Michael Kam
Amandi Wong
Moses Nyein
Film Cast
Mohan Vellayan
Vernon NG
Oh Eng Soon
Narainda Subramaniam
Fran Borgia
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