film-roll Italy / Color / 19' / 2019 13+

Colombia, 1995. A baby girl named Milady is welcomed with open arms by her new parents,who change her name to Giulia. Rome, 2017, Giulia needs to start researching her own origins through the encounter with some young people who share her same experience. This is the story of Francesca, Ananth, Giulia and Francesco, each of a different origin, who tell us the difficulties of being adopted children.

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Giulia Tivelli

Flavia Scardini

Giulia Tivelli was born in Bogotà, Colombia, in 1994. She was adopted by Italian parents, arriving in Rome at the age of one and a half years old. She attended the film faculty at RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts. In the same year she followed a scriptwriting course with Filippo Bologna where she deepened her passion for writing. In 2015 she began a two-year direction course with Susanna Nicchiarelli, who followed her in writing her first audiovisual documentary project, "Milady". In 2016 she made her first fiction short film, "Dìade". In this moment she is engaged in writing her first feature film.

Flavia Scardini was born in Rome in 1991. She attended the film faculty at RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts and made several documentaries and short films as executive producer and general manager. From 2016 she started working in the production department with important Italian productions.

Giulia Tivelli
Flavia Scardini
Giulia Tivelli
Luca Bonaventura
Giulia Tivelli
Flavia Scardini
Fabrizio Bondi
Sound Design
Federico Cabula
Film Cast
Giulia Tivelli
Francesca Olga Hasbani
Francesco Nucci
Ananth Bux
Ada Amantea
Luigi Tivelli
Giulia Tivelli
Flavia Scardini
Dìade (Giulia Tivelli) (2017)
We are the only one (Flavia Scardini) (2017)
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