Mister Paper goes out for a Walk

Meneer Papier Gaat uit Wandelen

film-roll Belgium, Netherlands / Color / 9' / 2017

It’s a beautiful day. Mister Paper goes out for a walk. He finds a few old newspapers, takes out his scissors and starts cutting what he needs for the stroll: a hat against the sun and a dog against his loneliness. This is going to be a lovely day!

director image

Ben Tesseur

Steven De Beul

Ben Tesseur (1975) and Steven De Beul (1969) are Belgian animators, film producers, directors and founders of the stop motion studio Beast Animation. They are known for their part in several international awarded films and commercials.

Ben Tesseur
Steven De Beul
Mieke de Jong
Mirjam Plettinx
Iris Alexandre
Steven De Beul
Ben Tesseur
Stijn Cole
Tom Pintens
Sound Design
Jan Schermer
Film Cast
Koen De Graeve
Karlijn Van de Cruys
Dries Phlypo
Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem
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