film-roll Netherlands / Color / 20' / 2012

Nine year old Mookie is a secret agent stationed in the Bijlmer district of Amsterdam, where he lives a life full dreams, excitement and adventure. In everyday life, however, he’s Mamita’s little brother and Suyen’s son, and he’s struggling with a strange blood disorder with a funny name: sickle-cell anaemia. Mookie never behaves like a sick little boy: life seems to come easy to him; he’s popular and he’s a rapper, a dancer, a kick-boxer and a soccer player. Mookie isn’t afraid of anything, he says. But as a secret agent, not a single day goes by that death isn’t lurking…

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Neske Beks

Neske Beks (1972) works as director in documentary and theatre. Before she debuted with the documentary Eigen Volk in 2011, she worked several years as an actress and theatremaker and was one of the winners of the Hollandse Nieuwe Theatre writing Price. She's also known as spokenwordperformer on Sprokkeldagen a track of the Dutch rapper Typhoon. She wrote for several drama series and wrote the scripts of the short movie Godenzoon (2008)

Neske Beks
Neske Beks
Wiro Felix
Albert Markus
Jeroen Goeijers
Sound Design
Marjo Postma
Carla van der Meijs
Mark Wessner
Fokke van Saane
Joost Seelen
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