My adventures by V. Swchwrm

My adventures by V. Swchwrm

film-roll Netherlands / Color / 78' / 2012

While working as a film projectionist Froukje Tan studied animation, film and photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She started making documentaries for television, while keep on making short absurd (animated) films for herself. She made two single-plays for Dutch Television and followed the «North by Northwest script course» in Denmark.
In 2008 she made her first feature Links (LEFT) which premiered at the International Rotterdam Film Festival, was shown on many film festivals (like Hamburg, Athens, Austin, Pusan) and won a silver Melies at the fantastic film festival in Sweden. These last months she attended «The Binger writers’ lab in Amsterdam». Swchwrm is her second feature film. At the moment she is working on the screenplay of her third feature (In the back of a Kung Fu Lion) which has been selected for «Prime4Kids».

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Froukje Tan

A 9-year-old boy, who wants to become a writer of books so amazing that they would end wars and cure sick people. He already has a pseudonym: Swchwrm, V. Swchwrm, which can be pronounced as a breeze, a starting engine or whatever your imagination comes up with. He only has one problem; he has trouble finding this great opening sentence. While he keeps searching for THE opening sentence for his great book, V. Swchwrm invents stories and people out of his fertile writer’s mind: we will come into contact with his parents who ride a camel in the city, a girl with an 8th sense, a teacher who doubts his feelings and a Queen who yearns for happiness… A story with many little stories. A boy with much to tell and to write about. Swchwrm, my adventures is a philosophical children’s movie, an ode to fantasy, which will make you think about the bigger issues in life in a refreshing way.

Froukje Tan
Helena van der Meulen
Harm Griekspoor
Albert Markus
Corrie van Binsbergen
Sound Design
Mark Glynne
Film Cast
Dennis Reinsma
Hans Dagelet
Georgina Verbaan
Yara Brand
Sabine Veenendaal
Michiel de Rooij
Left (2008)
The boy who didn’t understand anybody (2002)
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