My father…

Mijn Vader...

film-roll Netherlands / Color / 16' / 2012

My father suffers from dementia
In this episode Marit (9 years old) tells us what it’s like to have a father (55 years old) who does not recognize you anymore.
My father has gone missing
In this episode Dimitri (10 years old) documents his live without his father. He has gone missing 5 years ago and they haven’t heard from him since.

director image

Jack Valkering

Jack Valkering is a freelance director of documentaries in The Netherlands. Besides directing he also works as an editor in chief for all kinds of tv programmes in The Netherlands.

Jack Valkering
Marco Versluis
Jack Valkering
Jack Valkering
Francine van der Lee
Joseff Ieping
Sound Design
Carla van der Meijs
Film Cast
Marit Garrelfs(My Father has dementia)
Dimitri Wiertz(My Father has gone missing )
Jack Valkering
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