My Moon

My Moon

film-roll USA / Color / 9' / 2018

A relationship between three celestial bodies; a romance between Earth, Moon, and Sun.

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Eusong Lee

He is a director and designer actively working in the animation industry. After studying at CalArts, he began his career with the short film Will, which went on to win a Student Silver Oscar. Eusong has worked as an art director at Cartoon Network, as well as a concept designer for animated TV shows and features. His clients include Netflix, MTV, Facebook, Disney TV, Warner Brothers, and Dreamworks TV. Currently he is working as a director at Chromosphere-LA.

Eusong Lee
Eusong Lee
Natan Moura
Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Thea Glad
Stéphanie Mercier
Sixtine Dano
Katrina Ruzics
Eusong Lee
David Kamp
Sound Design
David Kamp
Film Cast
Allison Kim
Carrie Dougherty
Carrie Hobson
Christine Hemrick-Shaw
Jess Hong
Sarah Kambara
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Will (2012)
Shape (2011)
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