Nobody wants to be that last one

Nobody wants to be that last one / Nadie quiere ser ese último

film-roll Argentina / Color / 12' / 2018

Children of just 5 years of age are taken by their parents to try their luck at a soccer tournament. The parents pressure them and get anxious, while the headhunters look for the cream of the crop.

4 Dec - 20:00 / Cine Cinema
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Azul Selser

Born in Catamarca, raised in Balvanera, Jewish and Peronist. When studying film direction at ENERC Film School, she found herself very fond of the detectivesque part of the documentary cinema. Finding in the world of "masculine jobs" places full of mysteries, violence and broken hearts in the closet.

Azul Selser
Leonardo Nieva
Paula Fellheimer
José Goyeneche
Sound Design
Alejandro Baldasso
Natacha Bucatari
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