Our Island

Our Island / Ons Eiland

film-roll Netherlands / Color / 16' / 2019 9+

In an uninhabited island in the corner of the province of Noord-Holland, two sisters Shanna(11) and Mirte (14) go on adventure. Mirte has Down syndrome and cannot catch up with her younger sister. For Shanna, this is difficult to accept. While Shanna focuses on making new inventions, she realizes that she is outgrowing her older sister little by little.

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Lennah Koster

She gradutated from Windesheim College in 2014 where she specialized in journalism. During her studies, she worked as an intern at Zuidenwind documentary productions in Breda. After graduating, she started as a freelance director and program maker for both radio and television. In 2017, she made the television series "Liefde op z’n Surinaams" for the NTR together with Meral Uslu and in 2018 her documentary "Keetschoppers" premiered at the Dutch Film Festival. "Keetschoppers" was also nominated and selected for the Gouden Kalf competition.

Lennah Koster
Rogier Timmermans
Daan Wijdeveld
Darin Guermonprez
Sound Design
Ranko Paukovic
Willem Baptist
Nienke Korthof
Keetschoppers (2018)
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