Our Time

Our Time / Il Nostro Tempo

film-roll Italy / Color / 16' / 2019 13+

International Jury Award for Best Short Fiction Film

Roberta is a nine year old girl who wants to enjoy the last days of summer on the beach playing with her friends, while her father Donato forces her to stay at home to help with household chores. The distance between the two seems unbridgeable, but the discovery that Donato is much more fragile than it seems, will lead them to restore value to their time together.

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Veronica Spedicati

She grew up in Rome. Graduated at Roma Tre University (Dams faculty) with an experimental thesis on cinema made by deaf people. During her college years she begins a collaboration with the National Deaf Institute in Rome, at first making sign language videos. In the same years she starts to work as an assistant directorfor several films and projects. In 2013 she wins a scholarship by U.C.L.A. Remap (Los Angeles) which allows her to participate in a research project titled "Out of water" concerning non-linear storytelling in New Media. After some others experiences as video-maker in France and Germany, in 2016 she is admitted into the National Film School at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. In 2018 her short movie "Potato’s Day" is in competition at the Rome Film Festival in the section "Alice nellacittà". At the end of 2018 she directed her diploma short movie "Our Time" in collaboration with Apulia Film Commission.

Veronica Spedicati
Francesca Guerriero
Giulia Magda Martinez
Sofia Petraroia
Veronica Spedicati
Jacobo Giordano Cottarelli
Luigi Caggiano
Lillo Morreale
Sound Design
Chiara Santella
Film Cast
Emanuela Minno
Franco Ferrante
Seleste Casciaro
Christina Di Giampietro
Potato’s Day (2018)
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