Paper Boat

Paper Boat

film-roll Egypt / Color / 17' / 2012

One of the main features of the Egyptian revolution was that it instilled optimism, excitement towards the future and confidence in the possibility of change in the hearts and minds of the Egyptian people. However, the social and political developments since the resignation of ex-President Mubarak left many frustrated, feeling that the unbearable pre-revolution conditions remained largely unchanged and even deteriorated. The question is now how to cope and what to do in the middle of the complex events during this particular period?

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Helmy Nouh

Born in Egypt. He has obtained a B. A. in filmmaking from High Cinema Institute, Academy of Arts in Cairo, Egypt on 2011. He worked as assistant director in some Egyptian films and series, and he has directed, written and produced four short films.

Helmy Nouh
Helmy Nouh
Hossam Hussein
Ahmed Ezzat
Sound Design
Ahmed Ezzat
Film Cast
Mirette Michael
Mohamed Adel
Wagdy El Μasry
Helmy Nouh
Aida and the Apple (2012)
Three Walls (2011)
The Expelled (2010)
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