Pearl of the desert

Pearl of the desert / Maru Ro Moti

film-roll India, South Korea / Color / 84' / 2019 13+

Kids & Docs Jury Award for Best Feature Documentary

Moti Kahn, a 12-year-old Indian boy, is talented in singing. He loves singing the Manganiyar songs, a big part of which has been the long-time tradition of artist-hereditary patron relationship.But Moti finds singing for their patrons humiliating as they are still treated lowly,and he aspires to earn respect from the world through music. He sets on a journey to the bigger world-will he be able to keep the spirit of Manganiyars?

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Pushpendra Singh

He studied at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune -where he is now also a visiting faculty member- and at the 2011 Berlin Talent Campus. He began his career as an actor under theatre guru Barry John in Delhi. His debut feature as a director (The honour keeper, 2014) premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. “Ashwatthama”, his second feature, premiered at Busan International Film Festival in the New Currents Section.

Pushpendra Singh
Pushpendra Singh
Ravi Kiran Ayyagari
Pushpendra Singh
Reema Kaur
Sound Design
Ajit Singh Rathore
Heejung Oh
Ashwatthama (2017)
The honour keeper (2014)
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