Quiet / Stille

film-roll Norway / Color / 7' / 2018

“Quiet” is a kaleidoscope of traumatic emotions from unhappy childhoods. In a series of tableaux, scenes of neglect, alcoholism and depression fill the screen, showing us the deep and often lifelong impact of childhood traumas. What can children do but stay quiet?

6 Dec - 20:15 / Απόλλων
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Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen

She has a Master’s Degree in Production Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She also studied Decoration and Line Production at The Royal Theater in Copenhagen. She has worked as a production designer on several award - winnin g Norwegian animated short films and has considerable experience in the craftsmanship of creating stories, characters, sets and props for animated films. Her focus is on telling stories from the child’s perspective, stories about experiences that can change a child’s life. Quiet is her directorial debut.

Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen
Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen
Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen
Jan Otto Ertesvåg
Rasmus Zwicki
Sound Design
Rasmus Zwicki
Anita Killi
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