film-roll Norway / Color / 79' / 2009

Julie, Mette and Naisha are best friends. They make snowball fights with the boys, race down steep hills on a sledge, and are looking forward to Christmas. One day, Naisha suddenly vanishes, and no one knows where she and her mother have ended up. With no other clue than an address written in invisible ink, Julie and Mette sneak onto the night train bound for the big city. Will they ever manage to get their best friend back? The problem is only that Julie’s dad is a policeman; that Julie and Mette are only nine years old, that Oslo is a long way from home, and that Christmas is approaching.

director image

Christian Lo

Christian Lo (b. 1977) has directed four award-winning short films for children: “Punctured” (2001), “Iver” (2004), “Ramp” (2005) and “Baluba Runa” (2007). All these films have been screened at a wide range of international film festivals, have won many awards and are sold to TV-stations in several European countries. Christian studied film at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in England, where he did a 3-year BA (Hons) in Film & Video Production, specialising in Directing. Since graduating in 2001, he now works for the Lillehammer-based production company Filmbin, the only Norwegian production company dedicated entirely to producing children’s and youth films. Christian thinks children are a fantastic audience and hopes he is able to give them great film experiences, like the ones he remember from his own childhood. He finds working with children fun and inspiring, and has developed a way of directing children that makes his films characteristic. “Rafiki” is Christian’s first feature film.

Christian Lo
Morten Hovland
Bjorn Stale Bratberg
Arild Tryggestad
Eirik Myhr
Sound Design
Gisle Tveito
Film Cast
Ane Dahl Torp
Anders Baasmo Christiansen
Andrea Baein Hovig
Jon Oigarden
Terese Mungai
Jonathan Espolin Johnson
Regine Stokkevag Eide
Tom Larsen
Ado Johanna Girirpio
Live Marie Runde
Trine Aadalen Lo
Feature Fiction FilmIn Competition