Rain Rain Run Away

Rain Rain Run Away / Gronde Marmaille

film-roll France / Color / 15' / 2018

Late August. One afternoon, seven-year-old Boubou gets bored at her family’s campground. It’s a scorching day and everyone’s having a nap. Her parents are making their love in the caravan. She heads off to the nearby scrub land, taking Dany along with her to play in the storm.

1 Dec - 18:00 / Απόλλων
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Clémentine Carrié

She was born in 1991. After a degree in Philosophy, she studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Audiovisual (ENSAV) in Toulouse and graduated in 2015 with a specialty in Image. She continued her studies with a diploma in Direction (ENSAV). She graduated with the film "The Skin of the Desert". In 2017, she directed a medium-length film, "Filmer les Pyrénée", for the Film Library of Toulouse and The Jean Vigo Institute. After the ENSAV, she likes projects dealing with both photography and cinema. So she has also published two photographic series, "One weekend a month" and "While they slept", both dealing with the subject of childhood.

Clémentine Carrié
Clémentine Carrié
Yann Maritaud
Jean-Paul Husson
Mike Ponton
Sound Design
Antoine Brochu
Louis Molinas
Film Cast
Siloé Lecorps
Guillaume Vidry
Jérémie Chevret
Filmer les Pyrénée (2017)
The Skin of the Desert (2016)
Fiction Short Films