film-roll Qatar / Color / 13' / 2012

This animated adaptation of a Middle Eastern folktale follows Rain on a
journey into the desert. After a tragic event, he seeks refuge in a drought-
stricken Bedouin camp, where he is challenged by expectations that arise
from his name. Unable to meet the demands of his hosts, Rain resorts to
spirituality and hope.

director image

Rahab Elewaly

An Egyptian-American filmmaker who studied cinema in Cairo. She has worked as an animation artist for Warner Brothers, Fox Searchlight, the Independent Film Channel, MTV and pBS. She won an award for Best Animated Film at the Cairo International Film Festival. Her films have been screened in Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and Sundance.

Rahab Elewaly
Autumn Eve Watts
Abdul Jabbar Maki
Maryam Al Sahli
Nitin Sawhney
Sound Design
Nitin Sawhney
Heidi Ahsmann
Animation Short FilmIn Competition