film-roll Italy / Color / 19' / 2009

Rita is ten years old and blind since birth, lives in a seaside neighbourhood of Palermo. She is stubborn, curious and feels thwarted by an overprotective dictatorial mother. The claustrophobic world of her home is suddenly breached by a mysterious presence. It’s a boy on the run, wounded, terrified. The meeting between the two of them is highly enigmatic. Thanks to her mysterious new friend, or perhaps only thanks to her imagination and courage, Rita escapes from home and goes to the beach. She learns to swim and experiences a brief moment of freedom which ends when the miraculous encounter vanishes and she finds herself alone in the sea.

director image

Fabio Grassadonia

Antonio Piazza

Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza are Sicilian authors. They have worked as writers, development consultants and acquisition consultants for major Italian production companies, such as Fandango and Filmauro of Aurelio De Laurentiis. In 2004 they wrote the film “Ogni volta che te ne vai”, a romantic musical comedy set among the night clubs of the Romagna coast, produced by Fandango. They directed the short film “Rita” in July 2009 in Palermo, working with a ten years old blind girl playing the main role of the film. “Rita” was shot in the problematic and fascinating neighbourhood of Arenella where they will shoot their first feature film soon.

Fabio Grassadonia
Antonio Piazza
Fabio Grassadonia
Antonio Piazza
Olaf Hirschberg
Desideria Rayner
Sound Design
Daniela Bassani
Stefano Grosso
Film Cast
Marta Palermo
Marco Maria Correnti
Diana Sergio
Massimo Cristaldi
Feature Fiction FilmIn Competition