Second Life

Second Life / Sunhee-wa Seulgi

film-roll South Korea / Color / 70' / 2018

Sun-hee, a high school girl, starts a small lie to attract attention from her friends. But when the truth gets out, her friends start to leave her out and avoid her. To get back at Jung-mi, who had been her closest friend, Sun-hee sets her up as a ring thief. Suffering greatly from rumors after the incident, Jung-mi ends up committing suicide. Sun-hee flees Seoul from the shock of witnessing Jung-mi’s death to the countryside where no one can find her. There, Sun-hee decides to live a new life in the name of Seul-ki.

2 Dec - 20:15 / Απόλλων
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Young-ju Park

Korean screenwriter and director. She graduated from Dongguk University, and is now studying at the Korean National University of Art. She has made the short films "Delivery Girl", "Counselor" and "1 Kilogram", which was officially selected for the 69th Cannes Film Festival Cinéfondation. "Second Life" is her feature debut.

Young-ju Park
Young-ju Park
Kyung-hyun Hwang
Byung-rok Kim
Yea-kyung Chung
Sound Design
Min-sup Lee
Film Cast
Da-eun Jung
Guk-hyang Jun
Soo-yeon Park
Yu-yeon Jeong
Se-min Oh
Feature Fiction Film