Shadows of your childhood

Shadows of your childhood / Teni tvoego detstva

film-roll Russia / Color / 22' / 2019 6+

Our house becomes shrouded in the silence of night. It grows long shadows accentuated by the random sparks of the kerosene lamp. For little Stesha, the darkness becomes a way into another world that is both frightening and fascinating. Fragments of elusive memories, voices and shimmers of light–these are the flickering sensations of childhood, and they stay with us forever.

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Mikhail Gorobchuk

He was born in Novokuznetsk, Russia in 1988. Graduated from Russian State Institute of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (aka VGIK), the Faculty of Cinematography (workshop of I.S. Klebanov) in 2010. In 2007 he received the President's grant for talented youth. In 2013 he received the National Award in the field of documentary film and television "Laurel Branch" in the category "Best professional cinematographer".

Mikhail Gorobchuk
Mikhail Gorobchuk
Mikhail Gorobchuk
Mikhail Gorobchuk
Sound Design
Dmitry Nazarov
Ekaterina Vizgalova
Irina Kalinina
Vladislav Shuvalov
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