Shoe Shiner

Shoe Shiner / El Limpia Botas

film-roll Chile / Color / 17' / 2018 9+

International Youth Jury Award for Best Short Fiction Film

Children’s Juries Award (over 13 years old) for Best Short Fiction Film

Contextualized in Chile 1989, this film narrates the story of Diego, an 11 years old shoe shiner. It portrays his struggle to survive and the loss of his innocence.

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Andrés Gallegos

Motivated by his passion for cinema, he moved to California to earn his MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, where he graduated and received the Graduate Award for Distinguished Achievement. In 2019 he has received the Best Cinematographer Award at the Oakland Short Film Festival. He also has been nominated for the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) Heritage Awards for his cinematography work on the film "Shoe Shiner". His work has screened at Cannes, Raindance, Málaga, Mill Valley, Valdivia and more.

Andrés Gallegos
Andrés Gallegos
Andrés Gallegos
Martín Amézaga
Jorge Aliaga
Sound Design
Carlo Sánchez
Film Cast
Patricio Jara
Juan Cano
Daniel Antivilo
Constanza Hevia
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