film-roll Armenia, Germany / Color / 8' / 2014

Not long ago I’ve learned that I have a sister in Armenia. This Film is dedicated to her, because it’s nice to have brothers and sisters, no matter where they are born and raised.

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Margareta Kosmol

Margareta Kosmol was born on 7 / 5 / 1999. She lives in Kronshagen and goes to the 10th grade of Gymnasium Kronshagen. When she was in 6th grade, she was selected as a member of the Children’s Jury Children’s Film Festival “Golden Sparrow”. Participating at this festival reinforced her love for film. She started shooting short movies herself: Nets, Siblings, The Pictures of Our Time and Red = Green.

Margareta Kosmol
Margareta Kosmol
Margareta Kosmol
Gevorg Shegunts
Sound Design
Gevork Sheguns
Margareta Kosmol
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