Son of Babylon

Son of Babylon

film-roll Egypt, France, Irak, Netherlands, Palestine, United Arabic Emirates, United Kingdom / Color / 90' / 2010

Northern Iraq 2003. Two weeks after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Ahmed, a 12-years-old boy, begrudgingly follows in the shadow of his grandmother. On hearing the news that prisoners of war have been found alive in the South, she is determined to discover the fate of her missing son, Ahmed ‘s father, who never returned from the Gulf war. From the mountains of Kurdistan to the sands of Babylon, they hitch rides from strangers and cross paths with fellow pilgrims, on all too similar journeys. Struggling to understand his grandmother’s search, Ahmed follows in the forgotten footsteps of a father he never knew. This journey will lead the boy to come of age.

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Mohamed Al-Daradji

Was born in Baghdad in 1978 and is co-founder of Human Film, a UK and Netherlands feature film production company. Mohamed studied Fine Art in Baghdad and then went on to study Film and Television Production at the Media Academy in Hilversum, The Netherlands. During his time in Hilversum, Mohamed worked as a cameraman covering documentaries, news reports and sports events for the TV industry in Holland. Mohamed then traveled to the UK to complete two Masters degrees in Cinematography and Directing at the Northern Film School in Leeds, winning the prestigious Kodak Student Award for best commercial in Cinematography. Following the collapse of Saddam’s regime in 2003, Mohamed returned to Iraq to make his first feature film, “Ahlaam,” an insight into the chaos and confusion of a war-torn Iraq following 3 decades of dictatorship. “Ahlaam” screened at over 125 International Film Festivals, received over 22 awards, and represented Iraq for Oscar and Golden Globe Consideration in 2007. Mohamed returned to Iraq in 2008 to shoot the feature film “Son of Babylon” and has just completed work on his feature length documentary “Iraq: War, Love, God and Madness.” As well as his filmmaking, Mohamed has also launched the IRAQ’S MISSING CAMPAIGN, a cause central to the story of “Son of Babylon,” which seeks to identify the bodies discovered in Iraq’s Mass Graves.

Mohamed Al-Daradji
Jennifer Norridge
Mohamed Al-Daradji
Mithal Ghazi
Mohamed Al-Daradji
Duraid Munajim
Pascale Chavance
Mohamed Jbara
Kad Achouri
Sound Design
Glenn Freemantle
Film Cast
Yasser Taleeb
Shehzad Hussein
Bashir Al-Majid
Isabelle Stead
Atia Al-Daradji
Mohamed Al-Daradji
Dimitri de Clercq
raq: War, Love, God and Madness (2008)
Ahlaam (2005)
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