Supa Modo

Supa Modo

film-roll Germany, Kenya / Color / 74' / 2018

Nine-year-old Jo loves action films and dreams of being a superhero. Her biggest wish: to make a film and star in it. In her fantasy she can forget that she is terminally ill. When Jo’s sister can no longer bear seeing the cheerful girl spend her precious remaining time in bed, she encourages Jo to believe in her magic powers, and the whole village to make Jo’s dream a reality.

1 Jan - 00:00 / Απόλλων

Likarion Wainaina

Likarion Wainaina
Likarion Wainaina
Mugambi Nthiga
Silas Miami
Wanjeri Gakuru
Kama u Wandung’u
Enos Olik
Charity Kuria
Sean Peevers
Sound Design
Florian Holzner
Film Cast
Stycie Waweru
Marrianne Nungo
Nyawara Ndambia
Johnson Fish Chege
Humphrey Maina
Sarika Hemi Lakhani
Siobhain “Ginger” Wilson
Tom Tykwer
Marie Steinmann - Tykwer
Guy Wilson
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