Tales from the Prison Cell

Tales from the Prison Cell / Mesék a zárkából

film-roll Croatia, Hungary, United Kingdom / Color / 84' / 2020 13+

Can the power of imagination amend challenged or broken relationships? Three imprisoned fathers write fairy tales that are turned into short films featuring their own family members.This creative attempt to reconnect and heal is bitter-sweet, but with an uncertain outcome.The film explores family relationships showing how being in jail can affect the lives of a household and poses an inevitable question: Can magic and creativity set you free?

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Abel Visky

He was born in Bacau, Romania in 1987. After finishing his photo, film and media studies at Sapienta University in Cluj, Romania, he continued his directorial studies at the University of Theater and Film Arts in Budapest, Hungary, where he is currently an MA student of the Film and Television Directing department. A multiple award winner with both documentary and fiction shorts "Splash", "Zsolt and Kriszta", "Family Portrait" and "Dummy", his newest short "Romanian Sunrise" competed at the 27th Trieste Film Festival.

Abel Visky
Abel Visky
Zágon Nagy
István Kürti
László Hargittai
Anna Vághy
Asher Goldschmidt
Sound Design
Andor Horváth
Eszter Gyarfas
Így készült a Kút (2017)
No bug (2016)
Romanian sunrise (2015)
Playfellows (2014)
Dummy (2014)
Zsolt and Kriszta (2012)
Splash (2011)
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