The Barrel

El Galón

film-roll United Kingdom, Venezuela / Color / 11' / 2013

Luis David (13) has seven brothers and sisters. They live in Congo Mirador, a small village built on stilts in Lake Maracaibo, the largest oil field of Latin America. They are struggling to survive. The only link between the oil and them are the barrels the children use for transportation and games

director image

Anabel Rodríguez

Anabel Rodriguez’s initiation in the arts began in the theater, having worked in an experimental theatre group (Taller Experimental de Teatro) for several years before having left for London. She graduated as a filmmaker at London Film School, where she directed four of her first films. One of them, a short documentary, called ISAU, confirmed the connection Anabel has with marginalized people. Her camera looks straight to her subject, and this way of viewing reveals somehow the inner worlds of people. It’s a view that stops in apparently meaningless gestures.

Anabel Rodríguez
Marianela Maldonado
Robin Todd
Sepp R. Brudermann
Sound Design
Franklin Hernandez
Sepp Brudermann
Brian Tilley
In CompetitionKids & Docs