The boy and the moon

The Boy and the Moon

film-roll Italy / Color / 6'10"' / 2012

The fairytale of a boy who fell in love with the moon and his adventures to win her love.

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Rino Alaimo

Βorn in Agrigento in 1982. Rino moved by his great love for cinema has learned the language of film by self-taught and made his first short film "THE DEATH HOUSE" at the age of 14 and it was selected to the sixteenth Turin Film Festivals. He has a degree in Performing Arts: Art, Music, Entertainment (DAMS) from the Faculty of Humanities- University of Genova. He directed the short films: “Siren's silence”(2006) and “A million miles from earth” (2004) that won several national awards, including the Marte Live Award 2006 and the Joe D'Amato Horror Festival Prize for best special effects in 2005.

Rino Alaimo
Rino Alaimo
Rino Alaimo
Stefano Barone
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Timothy Block
Rino Alaimo
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