The cake in the sky

The cake in the sky / La torta in cielo

film-roll Italy / Color / 102' / 1973

The sun rises over the Trullo neighbourhood, in the outskirts of Rome, and a giant, mysterious flying object appears in the sky: a massive cake! As it approaches Earth, huge slices of cake fall to the ground, but the children quickly realise that they consist of nothing other but chocolate. The appearance of the strange, flying object triggers a response from the authorities and the military, as well as from the town’s candy industry mogul, who fears the alien competition. Together they try to scare people away: they claim the cake is poisonous, and they refuse to let the children speak on live shows. However, the children quickly escape the control of the authorities and re-approach the flying cake, which by now has landed on Monte Chico. Once there, they will discover something important.

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director image

Lino del Fra

Lino del Fra
Luigi De Santis
Lino Del Fra
Cecilia Mangini
Eliseo Caponera
Roberto Perpignani
Egisto Macchi
Sound Design
Pietro Spadoni
Film Cast
Paolo Villaggio
Didi Perego
Umberto D'Orsi
Franco Fabrizi
Daniela Minniti